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Buy PhoDub Moonrocks


Buy PhoDub Moonrocks

Buy PhoDub Moonrocks are a potent flower and concentrate combination sold by the gram. Their current process consists of taking White Fire bud.

saturating it with Gorilla Glue shatter that has been decarboxylated and melted into oil.

and then finally covering the whole thing in OG Kief.

If that sounds like a powerful combination, that’s because it is .

True to their style, PhoDub has taken really high quality ingredients and made something truly special for the cannabis world.

Moonrocks might be a great choice for those who desire very potent pain relief and usually prefer to smoke flower as their way of medicating.
This batch of PhoDub Moonrocks is made up of indoor grown flower and produces a mostly indica effect.

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Sell PhoDub Moonrocks

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